Issue Fifteen

MotorStars Issue Fifteen Cover

In This Issue

McLaren F1 – The normal aspirated V12 devoid of driver aids is one of the purest supercar experiences out there.
Honda NSX – Mid engine supercar that you can genuinely use everyday. It was also inspiration for the McLaren F1.
Lamborghini Countach – Prices have been rocketing over the last five years as more collectors and enthusiasts are recognising that the Countach is the one of the most iconic supercars of all time.
Perfection Valet – It took a long time before Richard got to work on a McLaren F1, this month he describes the encounter.
McLaren 2015 releases  – With no fewer than four cars released in quick succession we provide a breakdown of what you need to know.
Honda NSX Development – Adrian Muscat Azzopardi runs through the work that it took to bring the NSX to life.

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