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Words by the Editor, Raj Hunjan

MotorStars About Us-0070What makes a car desirable? I believe it is a combination of things that lead to an overall feel that is unique to everyone. Too often this is forgotten in automotive publications. They tend to focus on a limited set of criteria rather than the overall experience. A car that falls short in one area may exceed in many others. Also let’s not forget that many owners of high performance sportscars do like to fettle, so shortcomings are addressed during the life of a car when in private hands. You may consider a car great purely down to just a memory of a past encounter, an event attended in one or just a particular Sunday morning drive that is etched in your memory. And that is alright!

Motorstars is not about measuring cars against each other, it is about capturing the essence of a car through the eyes of a passionate owner and then giving you all the facts about buying and cherishing one. MotorStars is a monthly digital car magazine featuring a review of cars destined for greatness. Over recent years cars that were under-appreciated have gone on to become modern icons, increasing in value multiple times over.

your dream cars are closer than you realise

MotorStars About Us-0147Each month we focus on three investment cars; covering the full ownership cycle, including a complete guide to the potential costs: starting with what areas to watch out for when looking to buy, through to how to maintain and correctly service the car alongside what to expect in terms of the ownership experience, all with an eye to ensuring your maximum enjoyment and the continued security of your investment over the long term.

MotorStars is written by enthusiasts for enthusiasts, utilising a mix of passionate car owners who offer their knowledge and advice to you for a single feature, on a car they have known, owned & loved for many years; alongside various specialists in the industry who offer their advice on finding & caring for your new investment.

The magazine doesn’t just focus on investment. We have regular features that cover the latest car related gadgets, car detailing techniques from the experts, ‘just for fun’ and the greatest race tracks and road routes you need to experience at least once in your life.

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