Issue Forty Five

In This Issue

Ferrari F355 – Arguably the most beautiful post 1980’s soundtrack Ferrari, classic pop up lights and well proportioned curves.
Lamborghini Huracan Performante – The naturally aspirated V10 is incredibly responsive, one of the finest engines of all time.
Ford Escort RS Cosworth – Instantly recognisable “Fast Ford”. Unique features that completely set it apart from regular Ford models, permanent 4WD & powerful turbo charged engine.
McLaren 840X by Evolution Automotive – Is it possible for 840bhp in a McLaren to be useable on the street? Well that is what Evolution Automotive and their choice partners have achieved in a customer car.
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Note from the Editor

The three cars we’ve chosen to feature this month are all icons that would appeal to many people that have petrol running through their veins. The first is the Ferrari F355, a car that is the perfect blend of old school styling, modern reliability and V8 soundtrack. It doesn’t matter whether it is the coupe, convertible or targa, the F355 is a pure enjoyment machine. The manual gearbox version, with it’s open gated shift system is most revered, for the level of involvement offered to the driver. We highlighted this car right back in Issue One of the magazine, prices were almost a third of what they are now! If only more readers had listened to our advice back then. Anyway, even at today’s higher prices, a F355 is only going one way in popularity and value – UP.

The second car is a personal favourite of mine, the people’s champion, the Ford Escort RS Cosworth. This is a car that would keep up and out excite supercars of the time. The huge whale tail, enlarged arches and in-your-face 5 spoke wheels could never slip under the radar. With over two decades under its belt, there is no let up in the furore that surrounds the car. Our owner Wayne almost sold his but thankfully he held onto it. It is a car with huge presence, despite it’s basic Ford Escort routes.

The third production car we are focussing on in this issue is the latest and greatest from Lamborghini, the Huracán Performante. While other manufacturers such as Porsche, Ferrari and McLaren have produced a new wave of hybrid supercars, the Italian underdog went relatively old school. They improved the already impressive Huracán by ‘adding lightness’, a little of power and a clever active aero package. The result? An epic sounding V10 that will outperform the best from the rest around the ultimate racetrack, the Nürburgring. The experience on the road is exceptional too, having experienced the car first hand with our owner, I came away totally buzzing with adrenalin. Lamborghini rewrote the supercar formula with the Performante, hopefully other will take notice and apply their relatively simple formula to their next generation of cars.
Raj Hunjan