William Buchanan

William Buchanan BMW M3 E30 DTM TributeI grew up interested in race cars from a young age, and from my youth followed Formula one, and the Indianapolis 500. I was aware of Jim Clark, Andretti, and my favorite F1 cars were the mid/late 60’s era. The movie “Grand Prix” was a pivotal moment for me. I first watched it in Cinerama, when my Mom took me. Cinerama was the old equivalent of the current IMAX. I was enthralled! My first car however, was an old 1940 Plymouth that my parents had sitting around. That was my first foray into learning how to take apart and modify cars. I did a head gasket replacement on the old flathead six, welded up my own custom exhaust system with glasspak mufflers on the car, and in the great American tradition “cruised the ave” in it.Unfortunately, the old flathead could not withstand the 70+ mph runs on the freeway I was pushing it to, and it was my first spectacular engine failure! After that, started rebuilding my engines and modding various Fords, including an iconic ’66 Mustang Fastback 2+2. 4-wheel drive vehicles occupied my time for many years after, with a small break to drive a delightful MGB-GT, then back to off-roading again. The E30M3 has been in my possession for the last 18 years, and has occupied/and satisfied most of my car adventures during that time. I also love Motorcycles, owning a 2001 Harley/Davidson Dyna Wide Glide, and I both love and fly planes as well.

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