Nissan GT-R Resources

Nissan-gt-r-black-edition-2008-Photo-02The GT-R is a supercar you can use everyday, relatively understated yet able to go toe to toe with Italian exotics. The handbuilt engine is a masterpiece of engineering.

Nissan GT-R official site – dedicated solely to the GT-R and covers all the current models along with the heritage behind the halo Nissan model.

Litchfield Imports – One of the most popular GT-R specialists in the UK, they service, repair and  enhance GT-Rs and even provide comprehensive warranty packages for owners.

Severnvalley Motorsport – Another GT-R specialist that is reknowned for their tuning packages.

Nissan US parts online – A very useful site for looking up parts prices and assembly diagrams, US based company.

Nissan GT-R brochures – A range of GT-R material scanned and available to download for free. Includes previous Skyline based GT-R documents.

Nissan GT-R Forum – This site covers all aspects of GT-R ownership.

Top Gear review of the GT-R at Fuji race circuit, Japan.

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