Audi TT Quattro Sport Resources

TT050020The Audi TT Quattro Sport was limited to just 800 cars in the UK and 1,165 globally, which is quite a small number when you consider that over 275,000 mk1 TT’s were sold worldwide. Why was it built? It was ultimate iteration of the first generation TT. The 225bhp engine was enhanced to produce 240bhp, the interior was stripped of rear seats, and a rear strut brace was put in their place to increase rigidity. Other changes included uprated suspension, different alloy wheels and body coloured fixed bucket seats. As a result of these changes, the car was 75kg lighter than standard.

TT Forum – One stop shop for everything TT. There is a separate area for each generation of TT model.

GSF Car Parts – Online shop that offers most parts at a lower cost than the Audi dealership network.

The TT Shop – Another online shop that offer both original equipment parts and aftermarket parts for the TT.

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