Issue Forty Eight

In This Issue

MINI JCW Challenge – Skunkworks development has made the Mini a great track weapon. Limited run of just 50 cars ensures current and future collectivity.
McLaren F1 – Normally aspirated V12 without driver aids is one of the purest supercar experiences out there.
BMW M3 E46 –  Arguably the most usable M3 ever, the design and styling features are timeless. Straight six engine is one of the finest ever built by the BMW M Division.
Smart Automotive Classic Car Restorations – To be trusted with restoring the fine aluminium panels of a Ferrari 512bb and Alfa Romeo GTA Sprint Junior doesn’t happen overnight.
Silverstone Classic 2018  – An unmissable event for anyone with an ounce of petrol running through their veins. 100,000 visitors, competitors, performers, grid organisers, exhibitors, car clubs, and media got a chance to savour three extraordinary days.

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Note from the Editor

The breadth of sportscars that have been developed by BMW or with BMW components is staggering. The first in this months magazine is the McLaren F1, the ultimate supercar for so many. It has a BMW built 6.1 litre V12 mounted mid ship. What makes mid engine cars so special? Having the majority of the cars weight centrally positioned makes for an exhilarating drive, it can be difficult to keep a mid engine car on the road at speed, but the buzz when you do is hard to beat. It is no coincidence that the purest racing cars are mid engine format, having most of the weight well within the wheelbase of the car. A partial rearward bias also enhances rear wheel grip on the road, ideal for rear wheel drive cars. Single seater racing through out the ages has been predominantly a mid engine affair. Which is why when you get that mid engine format in a road car, it can really make a legend.

The second car in this months issue is the third generation M3, a car that the M Division developed with a sonorous 3.2 litre straight six, front mounted with rear wheel drive. It is love at first sound. The handling and cross country capability of the M3 is exceptional. For many it represents the best combination of old school control and modern high performance technology. Our pick is the manual gearbox coupe, but even the SMG automated manual cars are also finding their place with collectors of sportscars.

The third car is the BMW MINI JCW Challenge. Like many iconic car, the JCW Challenge started out as a Skunkworks project, out of hours MINI employees worked on the best track capable MINI ever. Based on learning of the racing car they fitted trick components to the JCW and raided the options catalogue to complete the transformation. The result was a JCW turned up to eleven. Universal praise followed and the limited build run sold out, despite no test drives being offered to potential customers. Just like the Porsche 911 964 RS, many regard the JCW Challenge too harsh for the road, this sets it apart from all other ‘hot hatches’ – there is absolutely no compromise in the formula and should ensure halo status forever.

Raj Hunjan