Porsche Cayman GT4 Image Gallery

The GT4 version of the Cayman is the car that Porsche should have built from the outset. Unlike the 991 GT3 RS, the GT4 is equipped with a six speed manual gearbox, leaving the driver in ultimate control of the car at all times. The GT4 also has a limited slip differential, an item that was deliberately left off some other Cayman models, to hold it back when compared to 911 models since launch. The crowning glory though is the bolting of the GT3 front end to the mid engined chassis.

Lowered by 30mm with dynamic transmission mounts, mid mounted 3.8-litre flat-six with no PDK transmission in sight make it a refreshing antidote to the latest GT3 RS. The Cayman has always been well-balanced and playful, but the GT4 kicks it up a notch and with it’s limited numbers and strong demand even before leaving the factory has ensured it was an instant collectors car.

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