Issue Twenty-Seven

MotorStars Issue Twenty-Seven Front Cover Porsche 991 GT3 RS

In This Issue

Lamborghini Gallardo Superleggera – The Superleggera enhancements truly transform an already great car into the ultimate Gallardo.
Lotus Exige V6 Cup – This is a true track car, complete with items that set it above the competition.
Porsche 911 GT3 RS 991 series – The 991 RS has well and truly raised the bar in terms of road track ability.
Lamborghini Miura – Iain Tyrrell from Cheshire Classic Cars shares some of his intimate knowledge about the original V12 supercar.
Market Update Part II – Learn which cars we have featured have doubled in value since we identified them as great icons to buy and cherish.


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Note from the Editor

Featuring a car currently in production is rare for us, it takes an exceptional car that becomes an instant classic and surefire investment. The car we have labelled with this grand title is the Porsche 991 GT3 RS. Hotly anticipated and released in the face of much speculation that Porsche had made some fundamental errors, it quickly cancelled out any reservations voiced. The PDK gearbox, electric steering and rear axle steering are all technology firsts for a 911 RS model. The 991 RS marks the start of a new era for the Stuttgart based manufacturer, rawness combined with clever technology is the order of the day. Seeing the prices of 991 RS slots soaring to over twice the cost if you had been lucky enough to secure a slot with Porsche is a clear measure of just how special this car is. Our owner Rupert has had his for a number of months now, driven it, absorbed it and shares his thoughts about what makes the 991 RS such a phenomenal machine.

The other cars we’ve picked are the Lamborghini Gallardo Superleggera and Lotus Exige V6 Cup. Both are the halo models of their respective model ranges, just like the RS Porsche. What they also share with the RS is the inclusion of cutting edge technology. These three cars all demonstrate that raw feel is not everything, the driving experience can be enhanced with the inclusion of choice technology.

With the passing of time, all three will be cherished alongside older, simpler cars in my opinion. This can already be seen in the Gallardo Superleggera, which dipped to around £80,000 and has now bounced back to £110,000 this year.

This issue also includes our second installment of the Market Update, which takes a look at cars we have previously highlighted and compares our forecast with their actual values. The best performer is the single mirror Ferrari Testarossa, which has appreciated a staggering 133% in less than two years, name me any other investment that could have done this with so much style!

Raj Hunjan