Issue Seventeen

MotorStars Issue Seventeen Front Cover

In This Issue

Lotus Elise Series 2 – The Elise is everything you’d expect from a high performance car – and then some.
Porsche Cayman R – The enhancements over the standard Cayman make the R model one of the greatest modern Porsche models.
BMW Z4 M Coupe – BMW bosses knew they had a hit on their hands by combining the iconic S54 engine and some very unique styling.

Perfection Valet – Detailing the Cayman R – No radio. No air conditioning. No cup-holders.
Porsche Mid Engine History – Adrian Muscat Azzopardi examines Porsche mid engine models throughout the decades.
“Million Dollar” Ferraris – Graham Earley looks in detail at the early Ferrari road cars, including his Ferrari 250 GT/E.

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