Andy ‘Hof’ Villiers

Audi R8 Andy Hofer smallIf it’s good enough for Ironman, then it’s good enough for Andy! Andy has long been a fan of super cars and his desire started before he was 10 having a large poster of a Lamborghini Countach on his wall. As soon as he started earning he set up a savings account especially to purchase the car of his dreams. Twenty four years later and the release of the Audi R8, a 2.5 year old V8 model was within reach. Use his savings as a deposit on a house, you must be mad! Some bucket list items have to be fulfilled and the R8 was right up there at top of the list. Passion for a machine in a package that appeals to the heart rather than the head seems a bit alien to an accountant, but once you’ve set your heart on something there seems no stopping the desire.

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