Automotive Diversification – The Perfect Pair

Words by Raj Hunjan

Logo for Issue 2The Porsche 911 is regarded by many as the benchmark sports car and many other car makers have tried to better it. To buy a brand new 991 series 911 is an expensive process. The 911 Carrera is shown as having a base price of £66,341 but even before you start adding your own options the price has risen to £73,413. This is because Porsche add on compulsory items that aren’t included in the base car price figure: leather interior (£2201); top tinted windscreen (£77); digital radio (£324); vehicle tracking (£1140); satnav (£2141); 3 year breakdown (£169) and 3 year warranty (£1020). Is there a way to experience even more performance thrills and still have everyday usability for less initial outlay? The capabilities of the 911 are truly great, but having an all rounder inevitably leads to compromise somewhere.

Caterham SuperSport R Perfect Pair InvestmentBy simplifying the boxes a car needs to tick it can lead to a more focussed and enjoyable car. Take for example the Caterham SuperSport R, out on the track it is one of the most pure driving experiences you can find and it would even keep a new 911 Carrera honest in a straight line. If you ask it to be your practical everyday transport, then it would lose all the properties that make it so sublime on the circuit. Likewise a car like the Audi A4 Avant is a great load lugger and useable everyday prospect but out on the track it will not provide anywhere near the level of enjoyment as the Caterham. Combining the two as an ownership prospect, compared to a 911, would mean you have the best of both worlds without compromise. Both these cars cost around £25,000 each before options, which is significantly less than the £73,000 of the 911. The difference can also be used to buy a choice classic car such as a classic Porsche 911 964. This combination of cars would be just one example of how to make your money go further and allow you to have a car lifestyle that is much more interesting than just owning the latest 911. Lets look at some other combinations that are possible.

Audi A4 Avant Perfect Pair InvestmentIn the full article featured in Issue 2 we explore other perfect pairs, including Best of British, All German and European selection.

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