Joel Clark – Vinyl Artist

Words by Raj Hunjan

Logo for Issue 5Joel Clark has carved out a niche for himself in little over six months as a automotive artist with a difference. Back to back commissions and features about his motorsport themed artwork in Petrolicious, PistonHeads, Motorsport Retro and Hemmings Sports & Exotic Car have confirmed that Joel has made the right decision leaving the office behind. All of this noise being made about Joel and his work paints a vivid picture of a rising star whose is in high demand among motorsport enthusiasts.

Joel Clark Vinyl Motorsport Artist-5Joel has a unique talent of being able to spot the optimum combination of subject, angle and vinyl possibilities that capture the essence of a car. This unique skill is the result of working for a vinyl signwriters in MotorSport Valley before six years at art school and then working at some of the world’s best creative agencies as a art director and creative director.

Joel Clark Vinyl Artist Speed Icons-3So far Joel has produced close to 40 vinyl works, many of which are already in the hands of clients, an incredible feat in such short time. This high productivity was instilled in Joel during his early days as a vinyl signwriter near Silverstone, orders would flood in on a Monday after a race event, teams would want to replace stickers damaged on track. Joel would find himself hand cutting dozens of Dunlop and Shell stickers, almost on autopilot – now computers print and cut the vinyl graphics you see adorning racecars today. Joel has come full circle, cutting vinyl by hand, ensuring that the skill he learnt in his teens lives on and is used to bring timeless images to life. Limited edition prints are available at Historic Car Art. To view Joel’s entire portfolio of work to date visit his site here.

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