Seeking Perfection – BMW M3 CSL

Words by Richard Tipper – Perfection Valet

Logo for Issue 1 LinkHaving been offered a regular section in MotorStars I was scratching my head as to what car to feature first, in my line of work I get to detail some of the greatest road cars & racing cars of all time. As a keen driving enthusiast as well as a passionate detailer I went for the BMW M3 CSL.

Feature Article Two Perfection Valet BMW M3 CSL


The Coupé Sport Leichtbau or in simpler terms the CSL is highly regarded as one of the best drivers cars ever to be produced. It’s straight 6 motor howls along thanks to the huge carbon fibre air box and its lightweight construction coupled with its near perfect 50-50 layout and modified chassis make it an incredibly rewarding car to drive. Full account can be found in the magazine.

Interior Work

BMW M3 CSL (3 of 8)The interiors are laden with alcantara fabric and carbon fibre, the latter to save yet more weight. Due to the simplicity of the manually operated seats they can be easily removed to allow access to difficult areas for complete cleanliness to be achieved.  Full advice can be found in the magazine.

Engine Work

With engines, as with interiors, our main concern is not getting water into areas that aren’t designed to get wet. Full advice can be found in the magazine.

Exterior Finish

So with the engine and interior complete its time to move onto the exterior. As with any job its the preparation that remains the most important element. If a car isn’t prepared properly ready for the onslaught of potions that will be applied to it then the end result is never going to be particularly great. The cleaning or decontamination process is very involved, various different forms of contaminant can be found on exterior surfaces like overspray, carbon deposits, iron debris, tree sap, tar and previously used products. Full advice can be found in the magazine.

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