Toyota Supra Resources

038-toyota-supra-historyThe fourth generation Toyota Supra was released in 1993 and it cost the same as a Lotus Esprit at the time. The UK got a 326bhp twin-turbo, rear wheel drive two-door coupe that was capable of sprinting to 60mph in just five seconds. Due to the strength of the engine and drivetrain many have ended up being modified to be even faster.

MKIV Supra Owners Club & Forum – The owners club and forum has a large number of active members, the forum is a great resource for potential owners. The club also organises regular events.

Supra Buyers Checklist – Put together by the MKIV owners club this list is a good reference when going to view cars.

Supra Sales Brochure – A blog post on the Toyota website that contains a pdf scan of the original press release and sales brochure.

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