Car Security Resources

There are ways in which you can help to reduce the risk of your older car getting pinched. It is possible to add anti-theft features to an older car without significantly impacting the originality of the car.

Saunderson Security – Specialist in locking devices and they stock the Disklok steering wheel lock for £80.

Amazon – Amazon stock a large range of anti-theft devices, if you know exactly what you need then it is a good place to buy from because of their low prices. The engine immobiliser we feature in the article is available here for £35.

Direct Car Parts – This online shop stock a range of car alarms, but you will need to arrange fitting yourself.

Cobra Vehicle Security – This company manufacture vehicle trackers and their site has a list of authorised dealers of their devices like the one we feature in our article.

Find My iPhone App – For those looking to embark on the low cost DIY vehicle tracking option using a mobile phone, this is the type of App you can install to locate your vehicle at any time (as long as it is switched on with network coverage).

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