Issue Forty Three

In This Issue

Chevrolet Corvette ZR1 – The most powerful Corvette ever, the ZR1 broke new ground for Chevrolet.
Pagani Zonda F – The carbon composite construction is still class leading technology today, despite Pagani using it for twenty years, which makes the Zonda ahead of its time.
Ferrari Testarossa – It is a poster car for many children and adults in the 80’s. The Flat-12 engine is a masterpiece, a true Ferrari great.
Nurburgring Crowd Funding Dodge Viper ACR – Dodge wouldn’t take the Viper ACR to the ‘Ring, that didn’t stop a group of Viper diehards from going anyway to put it up against the fastest of all time.
F1 takes over London – Our account of a free demonstration of Formula One cars throughout the ages on the streets of central London and plenty of side attractions in and around Trafalgar Square.
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Note from the Editor

This edition of Motorstars features two Italian masterpieces book ended by two american built supercars. The first Italian is the Testarossa, a car which we featured in our seventh issue, three years ago. Back then £60,000 would have bought a prime example of a single mirror left hand drive Testarossa. Now a similar car is being advertised for £165,000. This is beyond a good return! However I still believe the V12 mid engined supercar has potential to rise much more, read our feature to find out more.

Funding websites have allowed many projects to become reality, now it has even enabled a group of stalwart Dodge Viper ACR fans and owners to take on the fastest cars in the world at the ultimate track, the Nurburgring. Dodge decided not to take the ACR to Germany, it had already cleaned up across the US taking production lap records every where it went. With the Viper being discontinued there was little to prove, or so they thought. Owners and dealers thought differently, it is a chance to go out with a bang by getting the record at Green Hell.

The Pagani Zonda is a sculpture as well as a hypercar. It is designed by an Italian artisan, who I believe will be considered alongside Michelangelo and Leonardo da Vinci. Not only are his cars incredible performers on the road, but also they are made from the finest materials throughout. The nuts and bolts are made from Titanium, the panels from intricately weaved carbon fibre and the chassis from the finest aluminium machined spaceframe.

The mere mention of ZR1 should get the heart racing for many petrolheads. In simple terms the C6 Corvette ZR1 is an animal of a car that can out-accelerate a Ferrari Enzo and perform with the best of them on track too. For the price, there is only one other that compares, the GT-R from Nissan. The American supercar is massively underrated outside the US, I would advise looking into sourcing one if you want a totally unique ownership prospect.

Raj Hunjan