Issue Forty

In This Issue

Ferrari 458 Italia – The naturally aspirated V8 sounds incredible and was the last ever from Ferrari.
Ford Focus RS mk2 – The Focus RS is the widely regarded successor to the great Escort RS Cosworth.
Lotus Carlton – Infamous criminal links and stories about banning, received huge amount of press during it’s production.
Super Series McLaren 720S – The latest and greatest from McLaren promises to raise the bar further in the supercar category.
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Note from the Editor

You might struggle to see the link between the three cars we have decided to feature this month, I know I have! There isn’t much in common between them, other than one major factor – they are all iconic and desirable sports cars, which makes them ideal ownership prospects to hold on to and enjoy.

First up is arguably the most extreme Fast Ford, the second generation Focus RS. This car broke new ground when it was unveiled with 301bhp channeled through the front wheels. Until they had driven the RS, most assumed Ford had missed a trick by not replicating the all wheel drive format of the Escort RS Cosworth. However, upon sampling the car most will agree that it was indeed a masterstroke, the Focus RS is alive and kicks you down a bendy B-road, raising your adrenalin with each mile. The styling is in your face and makes no apologies for what the car is, a total hooligan. From the outset examples were cherished and prices have remained stable for a number of years.

If you have an ounce of petrol running through your veins (figuratively) then it is highly likely you’ve dreamed of owning a Ferrari one day. Our 458 Italia owner, Barry, talks us through why he chose this as his first prancing horse. His reasoning and experience with the 458 makes a great read for those on the fence about making the leap into ownership. The 458 Italia is one of the most accomplished supercars out there and represents great value right now.

The Lotus Carlton is our third car, one that isn’t the quickest or prettiest but the tale of the furore that surrounded it when it came out makes it a very interesting ownership prospect. In the UK it was discussed in Parliament as it was deemed by some as too fast for the road! The performance figures of the Lotus built car are impressive even today and I’d wager that the recent value increases at auctions are just the start of where these cars will end up over the next three years.

Raj Hunjan