Issue Thirty Nine

In This Issue

McLaren 650S – McLaren took an already great 12C and made it even better.
Porsche 911 Turbo 996 – The unassuming and understated supercar, you can park it anywhere.
BMW M3 E92 – One of the most involving drives on the road and track. The performance of the R500 is on par with the fastest supercars.
Change in Direction at Porsche – It was stated that Porsche would not release another manual transmission 911 GT3, now they have decided to reverse this decision with the 991.2 GT3.
Ayrton Senna The Last Night Book Review – This book is a celebration of the life of a great, one that lives on in legends, stories, pictures and videos. It is safe to say that Ayrton Senna inspired a generation of race car drivers.
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Note from the Editor

This months edition of the magazine features an eclectic mix of sportscars, which all provide maximum excitement for the driver at very different price points.

First up is the McLaren 650S. McLaren essentially took its great innovator, the MP4-12C, refined and honed it into an even more stylish and capable supercar. It is still early days, but I think the 650S will age extremely well and outshine the competition from the Continent.

The second car we have picked out is the Porsche 911 Turbo, 996 generation. The styling of the 996 generation car and water cooling was contentious right from initial unveil. Now, with over a decade under its belt, the styling and lack of air cooling is being overlooked. This is leading collectors to see how great the model is, particularly the Turbo and GT2/GT3. The 996 Turbo will humble many sportscars and still perform reliably as an everyday, every weather car. Prices are rapidly on the rise too, so finding one may prove to be tricky. It is worth the effort to seek a good one out though.

The BMW M3 E92 is a car we’ve had our eye on for a number of years. It features some pretty fancy stuff, namely the carbon roof. The V8 may be thirsty but this is often less crucial when buying a weekend fun car. It seems that now it is reaching an age and price bracket that brings it in to focus with a number of car enthusiasts that recognise the perfect formula of excitement, value, reliability and performance. The sound from the quad exhausts at any revs is intoxicating too, so those that hear one and look at the low entry prices will be tempted to buy what we believe is the most undervalued BMW M3.

Raj Hunjan