Issue Thirty Six

In This Issue

Porsche 911 GT3 RS 4.0 – A run out 911 model, the car that Porsche engineers dreamed of producing.
Ferrari 612 Scaglietti – The perfect mode of transport to travel cross-continent.
Aston Martin Vanquish S – Everyday useable GT car that is at home on the motorway as a windy B-road.
Rough World Concept – A relatively archaic custom bodyshop now creates some of the most iconic air cooled 911s out on the streets. RAUH-Welt BEGRIFF (RWB) was founded by Akira Nakai, known simply as Nakai-san.
Aston Martin Vantage GT8 – The GT8 takes the V8 Vantage to dynamic new extremes. It is bred on the race track with up to 100kg of weight savings, make it the lightest Vantage ever.
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Note from the Editor

The first car we’ve chosen this month as a great collectors piece is the limited edition Porsche 911 GT3 RS 4.0. This was the last 997 generation track focussed car, limited to 600 examples worldwide. The UK allocation was a paltry 29 cars. The 4.0 is a celebration of the GT3 series, Porsche allowed the team behind it to let rip and build the ultimate iteration, regardless of cost and complication. The list price was just shy of £130,000 in the UK and it is reported that Porsche didn’t even cover the costs of manufacture including development at this level. At 50% markup over this price they would have made a profit and still likely have sold out as intended, but they saw the bigger picture. This car was offered to the most loyal customers as a reward for their love of the 911. This decision doesn’t really make financial sense but it sure cemented the desire for collectors to get their hands on the car. Currently the left hand drive examples are trading at over £300,000 and the rare right hand drive models are changing hands at closer to £500,000, making the 4.0 one of the most valuable Porsche models in history.

The Aston Martin Vanquish S is a crowd pleaser, you won’t find many people that have a negative impression of the achingly beautiful British coupe. The styling is timeless, which Aston Martin cottoned on to very quickly, making sure that all subsequent cars would take cues and inspiration from it. The Vanquish is a pivotal car in Aston’s history. Alongside the V8 Vantage it cemented the brands future stability and appeal. Sure the competition of the time could out handle the V12 Aston, but none had the all round appeal, which is why many people would only consider the Aston as a timeless great. My advice is to watch prices of these closely, as they are likely to rocket.

The Ferrari 612 Scaglietti is a grand tourer in every sense. It has a fine V12, a large footprint and an opulent interior. The looks were penned by Pininfarina, which did divide opinion when the car was released, however the 612 has aged very well. Depreciation has been huge for the first
owners but now the 612 Scaglietti is looking like great value.
It is a pioneer in Ferrari history, buy now or forever
reminisce of when you could.

Raj Hunjan