Issue Twenty-Eight

MotorStars Issue Twenty-Eight Front Cover 1 Chevrolet Camaro Z28

In This Issue

Chevrolet Camaro Z/28 – From Transformers to the Indy 500, there isn’t anything that the stripped out Camaro shys away from.
Porsche 911 Carrera 4S 996 – The best rear end on a car ever? The Turbo bodied Carrera 996 is sure to rocket in value.
BMW M4 F82 – The M3 is all grown up and ready to take on the best with an AMG badge!
Dodge Viper ACR – The last and the most extreme, buy one while you still can!
Grand Prix Pioneers – Christopher Ward have launched a great set of luxury watches inspired by the original greats of Grand Prix racing.


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Note from the Editor

Choosing cars to feature in MotorStars is tough, there are so many great sportscars out there that can offer fun on the road. The key is picking cars that outshine their peers, as these will likely be sought after for years to come. Whilst not every car we show in this magazine will go up in value, they will at least have a much softer fall when compared to other cars in their class. A great example of this is the BMW M4, while it is still in unlimited production prices will fall from their current levels, but they shouldl stabilise, just like previous generations of the M3. The ones that have been specified in interesting colours with choice optional equipment will be hunted out by enthusiasts.

The Porsche 911 Carrera 4S 996 generation is a good example of a car that was ordered in the thousands from new and has witnessed depreciation but is now strengthening in value. The best cars, the ones with low mileage, fastidious ownership records and choice options like the sports exhaust, are highly prized. This car demonstrates that a modern, non limited production doesn’t rule out collectibility or value appreciation.

The third car we have chosen to feature this month is one of my all time favourites, for the same reasons as stated by our owner Nigel. The Camaro featured in the movie Transformers, where it played a great hero car. Hearing one for the first time in the flesh, with it’s V8 rasp, was heaven. The Z/28 is the one to have because it has been carefully developed to be a track car. Despite its 1,700kg kerb weight it can provide huge a amount of enjoyment and adrenalin rush both on and off the track.

In a similar vein, Dodge have just brought out what they state is the last Dodge Viper model, the ACR. Like the Z/28 it is a track focussed version with everything superfluous stripped out. This kind of work is an indicator of future collectibility, the Americans have clearly taken a leaf out of Porsche’ book in how they created the legend that is the GT3. There is nothing wrong with taking inspiration and applying it to your own cars, competition is healthy after all.

Raj Hunjan