Film Review: Pistons Passions Pleasures – A Sicilian Dream

The Targa Florio was the longest running road race in the world from 1906 to 1977, it was set on the Italian island of Sicily. A Sicilian Dream is a riveting and refreshing documentary film about the rise and fall of the Targa Florio dynasty in Sicily. The history of the race is revealed by those who watched and took part in the incredible and dangerous races.

A Sicilian Dream Film DVD Review-11The Targa Florio was dreamt up by the younger son of a Sicilian Dynasty, Vincenzo Florio, it was considered both totally insane and an absolute must by drivers and manufacturers alike. Pistons Passions Pleasures – A Sicilian Dream is a film that takes you on a fascinating journey with one of Italy’s preeminent dreamers “Francesco da Mosto” accompanied by racing driver Alain de Cadenet with his 1931 Alfa Romeo 8c supercharged racing car reputedly driven by Nuvolari in the Targa event. The Targo Florio was an era defining race that’s too dangerous to run today. Vincenzo Florio – the philanthropist dreamer – who started it all, did so at his own expense and it grew to be a worldwide phenomenon that still inspires classic car owners to this day.

Forty years after nearly dying in the Targa Florio, Alain de Cadenet retraces the route of the legendary Sicilian mountain race that ignited the island and the motoring world. Driving the torturous route and tracing its evolution along with world events, they reveal its allure from the romantic times of the Belle Époque adventures to its deadly conclusion.

A Sicilian Dream Film DVD Review-7Could Vincenzo possibly have known that the races he created would, for three quarters of a century, mirror the fortunes of the island, and indeed, of all Europe? Could he have foretold its impact? His dying dream was that the Targa would not be forgotten. The film demonstrates that the dream is fulfilled, it continues in the minds and souls of many including the children who were born later and the owners of the 100 year old racing cars returning and reliving the challenges of the circuit.

As Francesco and Alain drive the circuit in a series of vintage cars, including Alain’s own Targa winning Alfa Romeo, they take us through the stories that make up the history of the race and of Vincenzo Florio. In different ways, the Targa Florio is in the blood. In the blood of Alain, Francesco: Vincenzo, the race and the island.

A Sicilian Dream allows a generation that were born after the final Targa Florio race understand some of the madness and excitement of the event. The film will help ensure the epic race is not forgotten.

The film is available on DVD from November 9th from Duke Video.