Issue Twenty-One

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TVR Sagaris – Incredible, unique styling is shocking even a decade after first production.
McLaren 12C – Performance and handling are right up there with the best supercars of all time.
Honda Integra Type R DC5 – High revving, natural aspiration i-VTEC engine sounds and performs like it is straight out of a touring car.
Caterham Seven Superlight Twenty – Last week at the Goodwood Revival, Caterham launched the Superlight Twenty. The cars will be ready to ship in early 2016
The Need for… Tweed – The Goodwood Revival, the most expensive cars on the planet aggressively racing each other wheel to wheel.
Surgical Level Detailing – Mike Pariera set up Minutia Detailing to work on supercars in the ultimate workshop.

Note from the Editor

This month we have focussed on three motoring jewels, the TVR Sagaris, McLaren 12C and Honda Integra Type R DC5. All three cars have passionate communities around them so finding an owner of each to share their experiences wasn’t actually that hard. In fact despite there only being around 200 examples of the TVR Sagaris in existence, we had no fewer than three owners keen to work with us. For those that like their cars to be loud and aggressively styled, the Sagaris is perfection, pure evil personified. No other car will turn heads and make ears bleed like the TVR road weapon. The time is right to get into Sagaris ownership from an investment perspective as the new TVR company are busy relaunching the brand. With order books filled for the first few years, the resurgence in interest in TVR will inevitably lead to demand for the best TVR models from the past. I’d recommend seeking out a Griffith, Cerbera, Tuscan or Sagaris to own and enjoy.

The second car in this months issue is the McLaren 12C. McLaren had some tough competition, namely the Ferrari 458 to face head on with their first supercar since the McLaren F1. Henry, our 12C owner, drove both side by side to make his decision on which to buy. In the end he found the McLaren the more composed, complete package and their racing history sealed the deal for the 12C. Other owners have also enjoyed being part of the development programme. Sure, sending your car back for ‘updates’ can be inconvenient, but it allowed owners to essentially become part of the brand and beta test a state-of-the-art supercar. This unique relationship with owners is likely to keep them loyal and buy into the latest wares, such as the 675LT.

Finally, our third car is one that some may never have come across before, the second and final generation Honda Integra Type R, the DC5. It took the raw, race car experience from the original DC2 and applied a dab of maturity and practicality to the package. Honda created a true race car for the road in the DC5 and a price that many petrolheads could afford, shame it was a Japan only model. I hope you enjoy reading about all three cars as much as I’ve enjoyed coordinating these features.

Raj Hunjan