For Sale: Westfield Sportscars?

This week we came across an interesting advert on several business brokering sites about an ‘Exciting And Unique British Sportscar Marque For Sale’. After all the speculation about the Caterham Group sale last year we presumed it was Caterham Cars. However looking closely at the figures we suspect it is actually Westfield Sportscars that is looking for a new owner to take the company forward. We haven’t been able to confirm if the advert is for Westfield Sportscars but decide for yourself if the below fits the company profile. The business is being brokered by BCMS Corporate and appears to have been listed for sale on 29 September 2015. The description below was taken from several business brokering websites.

“Business overview:
Our client is a manufacturer of British sportscars. All cars are fully road legal and the company has European Approval on one of its models. This means the car can be, and is, sold across the world.
The cars are also built to provide a fun track experience and have been used in racing. Using high-performance parts and a lightweight chassis, cars are customisable and competitively priced, which makes them popular among track-day enthusiasts.
In addition to design and manufacture of sportscars, the company runs experience days. These serve as an additional income stream and as an excellent sales tool.
• Over 10,000 cars built generating consistent parts and servicing revenues
• Global dealer network – 24 dealers across the world creating demand for cars
• Significant growth potential, through racing, international sales and product development
• Well-engineered and designed range of cars using mainly OEM parts
• Desirable marque – built for the road, fun on the track and highly customisable
• Strong track record in technology and development – potential to expand R&D activity”

For Sale Advert 15 October 2015