Modena Motor Gallery Third Edition

Lamborghini Painting BullPolisportiva-Tori e Motori will have a stand at the Third Edition of the Modena Motor Gallery which will take place on 26th and 27th September. That’s an extraordinary exhibition where the most renowned cars manufacturers of the Motorvalley will display their treasures and where also the craftsmen will attend, yes, those specialised craftsmen who are still contributing to create and restore prestigious cars. We look forward to meeting you on our “Polisportiva-Tori e Motori ” stand, a surprise will be waiting for you aiming at discovering again such an enchanting world that belongs to us!

About the Third Edition Modena Motor Gallery

On Saturday 26 and Sunday 27 September, the third edition of Motor Gallery is back at Modena Fiere with Numerous related exhibitions, a new and exciting program and a big novelty: the opening of the exhibition to cars and motorcycles from other Countries

One of the main events will be a large exhibition on the historic Autodromo di Modena , Which will focus on the adventures of men, intelligence and motors tied to this place – Organised in partnership with the Circle of Biella – One of the most renowned Italian Clubs . Indeed, for over 20 years, Modena and its racetrack were the small European Indianapolis, representing an important record of the growth of motor racing in the 50s and 60s: Thanks to the “racetrack”, Maserati, Ferrari, De Tomaso, Stanguellini and workshops of extraordinary value have had the opportunity to develop, quickly transfer winning ideas and concepts to be used in races. Some unique pieces will be Exhibited among others, such as: Ferrari F2 single-seater, 1950 Stanguellini Delfino, Maserati 250F Maserati Barchetta, Fiat 1100, and for motorbikes: MV4 cylinders, HD 250 Villa.

Modena Motor Gallery Third EditionThere will be a second exhibition on technology from Bologna and it will show how it is possible for a small business to defy the world of Formula 1, and led two brothers from Bologna to interact with the most important players worldwide in the field of motor racing . The exhibition, Entitled “Techno from Bologna: when a small company challenges the racing world” , will allow for admiring the beautiful single-seaters created by the Brothers Pederzani, and retrace the most important moments of Their singular adventure recalled by the voice of The Protagonists.

There will also be an exhibition in the memory of Juan Manuel Fangio and one dedicated to the beautiful Giordani pedal.

The first edition of Modena Motor Gallery Photocontest “People and Motors” promoted by AC Factory, photo contest open to all visitors to the show, will be held for the first time at an event of this kind.

The Theme of the Modena Motor Photocontest Gallery, will be the emotions, expressions and the eyes of the public at the Show and the “motors” The Protagonists of the Show!

A contest Which is open to everyone: visitors, photography enthusiasts, amateurs and professionals.

These are just some of the events at the Motor Modena Gallery, an event that is already establishing itself as one of the most interesting and original on the European scene and the objective of which is the promotion of “Made in Italy” and the enhancement of a great heritage That is the envy of the whole world. Past and present meet in Modena to tell a long story of innovation, technology, knowledge; this is why at the 2015 edition, the organizers have decided to give space to more craftsmen , with a “Road” dedicated to them where there will be panel beaters, upholsterers, mechanics, electricians, historical workshops and restorers. Professionals who care for, maintain, give new life to unique pieces with passion and competence. The “Road of the craftsmen” will host over 50 of the most successful companies in Italy and will focus on the protection and formation of this sector Which is Likely to be downsized two to the lack of qualified young staff; it is no coincidence that ACI Historical It has decided to select Modena as the most suitable place to support, promote and qualify this sector.

Three ModenaFiere Halls are dedicated to car and motorcycle dealers, the most prestigious clubs and associations, publishing, automobilia, spare parts, accessories and gift items. Simultaneously, in “Private Square” , there will be an opportunity to exchange or sell one’s vintage car or motorcycle. Modena Motor Gallery is a project that aims to promote the creative, technical, entrepreneurial capabilities of craftsmen and companies increasingly establish themselves that want to as the “Good Living” of vintage motor cars. Thus the exhibition-exchange is intended to enhance the automotive industry, from sheet metal worker to the painter, and the small craft specialised entrepreneurship, as well as the excellent food and wine!

Modena Motor Gallery can be reached easily with via flights to Bologna airport.