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Porsche 911 993 Carrera 2S – The Turbo body wide arch Carrera S is a relatively rare and sought after model in the range in its own right.
BMW 1-Series M ‘1M’ – The 1M is the closest BMW have got to remaking the original E30 M3.
Lamborghini Gallardo – The performance on offer from the normal aspiration V10 is still right up there with the latest from Ferrari, Porsche and Lamborghini.
V8 Ferraris – Scott reviews the attraction and rise in interest in the Ferrari F355 & 360.
Fast & Furious 7: The Film & The Cars – We review the latest Fast film and the cars that have featured throughout the series.
The BMW M3 E30 Re-imagined – A team of specialists are attempting to improve one of the all time greats, find out there plans here.

Note from the Editor

This month we have an eclectic mix of cars to suit all tastes. The first is a firm favourite of many Porsche fans, the 993 Carrera S. This rear wheel drive, air cooled 911 was a run out model endowed with the achingly beautiful wide body from the Turbo of the same era. Combining the simple drivetrain that links back to the 60’s origins of the 911 with the looks of the latest and greatest was a masterstroke by Porsche. The Carrera S models have always been in demand, trading at a slight premium to the non S models. In recent years the difference has become much more pronounced, top condition low mileage cars are now changing hands for over £70,000. The 993 Carrera S represents the ultimate blend in classic air cooling and modern ergonomics.

Our second car is the BMW 1M, one of the most modern cars we’ve feature in the magazine. Even though it is barely five years old it is already regarded as a modern classic. So what makes it so special? For many it has the perfect combination of small dimensions, M Division development and a phenomenal rear wheel drive, twin turbo 3.0 litre straight six drivetrain complete with a sublime manual gearbox. I would describe it as the modern day E30 M3 because it is as close as BMW could get under current safety and emissions regulations to making the original M3. Those that missed out on the 450 new cars have frustratingly had to watch as it didn’t depreciate, now five years on they are still trading around list price, the best cars are even selling for over the original purchase price.

We have a Lamborghini as our third feature car, the Gallardo. A supercar that has changed and shaped the modern day face of Lamborghini. After ten years of production there are 32 variants on the road and 14,022 individual cars have left the factory. The Gallardo makes up almost half of the total Lamborghini production since 1963. Driving one, even the early cars leaves you breathless, the all wheel drive system is almost agricultural in how it claws at the road as you unleash the power from the V10 engine. If any modern car was destined for greatness, the Gallardo would be it.

Raj Hunjan

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