Bob Wilson

GTR NringI’ve always liked the notion of having fast cars but until I got older priorities and money meant I only played with the hot hatches as a youngster. The most lively being a 205 GTI 1.9 which had brittle build quality but was a great car to nip about in. I’ve progressively upped the power and performance of every car, progressing through 4wd cars; Mazda6 MPS, Evo X FQ330SST and on to the GT-R. When my lads got old enough to have fast cars I relived my youth by helping them get some nice cars that we share and use today the best being a (fettled with) Cayman R. At my age and level of fitness driving and track days are the only activities that I can really compete with them in now and we do attend a number of driving events. These range from Palmer Sports days (which are fantastic) through to the obligatory Ring, SPA and British track days which are the best ways to enjoy performance cars “safely”. Ideally in my dream garage I’d have some exotic (Mclaren 650), a Caterham, an M3 (or 5) but there would also be a GT-R. There are many WTCC, BTCC and F1 drivers that have modded personal GT-R’s and that speaks volumes.

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