Ben Avenell

226245_5541130794_7812_nBen is a long-life car and motorsport fan. Brought up in the 80s, he has a love for 4 wheels that only death will dissolve. After leaving the UK for south east Asia, and a 2 door coupe for a 4 door hatchback 7 years ago, he now gets his kicks racing in the maddened rush around the back streets of Thailand against tuk-tuks and motorcycle taxis, some of the time coming out victor, some of the time left crying in shame at the side of the road in a pool of his own tears. Ben currently drives a Fiesta Sport with the facial imprint of a motorcycle taxi driver in the nearside rear door, but that won’t dampen his spirits; it’s bright red after all. Alongside work he co-manages Omega Racer, is an admin on the ITR-DC2 forum, occasionally takes on freelance SEO contracts and watches way too much F1.

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