Barry Robinson

IMAG0743My mom bought a new 325e in 1985 and I was in awe of the car. Having a power sunroof, power windows and on-board computer was a big deal back then. The car was just so smooth and classy compared to other cars of the time. It was really the beginning of my infatuation with the E30. I ended up buying it when I turned sixteen in 1993 and immediately started modifying it. I made friends with a couple of BMW Master technicians who had opened their own shop and worked there as an intern. It was there where I gained a lot of knowledge and experience with these cars. In 1998 it was rear ended and I set out to buy an E30 M3. As luck would have it, I found a Lachssilber M3 locally for a great price. I bought it and drove it daily for four years before picking up an 88 325iS for daily driver duty. As a college student I couldn’t afford to keep the 325iS so I sold it and got a Honda CRX Si B16. When I graduated, I replaced the CRX with a BMW E39 528i sport. I then later added a 91 M Technic convertible in Macao blue and the 89 Alpineweiss M3. Over twenty years I have watched the BMW E30 scene grow into what it is today and I still remain an active member.

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