24Hr Charity Simulator Race Event – 28th Feb 2015

Dion Price, one of the MotorStars team, is organising a charity 24 hour team endurance race for the Brain Tumour Charity.We have teams from Michelin, O2, Lamborghini Club UK, Motorstars and a few more. If it is successful this may turn into an annual event for charity.

The race will be on professional level simulators against a variety of competitors at The Race Hut (http://www.theracehut.com/) which is in Slough. The virtual race track will be the Nürburgring 24 Hour circuit.

Nurburgring 24 Hour Charity Race - Brain Tumour Trust 2014Some details about the event:
– Event kicks off 12 midday on the 28th Feb.
– Teams are a maximum of 10 drivers and we would recommend a minimum of 3 to take turns in racing their car over the 24 hour period.
– Drivers are free to come and go over the 24hrs so no need to stay for the whole thing if people can’t manage that.
– £500 minimum charity donation raised per team (including £250 cash to pay for venue).
– No previous race simulator experience necessary.
– The simulators run RFactor and are pretty decent professional level setups all in the same room (16 teams in total)

If you would like to register a team for this event please get in touch using our contact form.

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