Issue Forty Four

In This Issue

BMW M2 – The M2 built on where the 1M left off and has perfected the baby supercar formula.
BMW M5 E39 – The M Division succeeded in blending practicality with performance and handling when they developed the E39 M5.
BMW M6 E63 – Due to regulations there will never be another V10 normally aspirated coupe like the E63 M6.
BMW M3 CS – A new limited edition model of the 4 door saloon M car, lots of trick equipment improve on a great car.
BMW Special Market Update – We take a look at how the greatest BMW M cars have performed in both desirability and values. Older M cars still hugely outperform modern counterparts.
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Note from the Editor

This months magazine is all about BMW and features some of the best cars from the brand over the last thirty years. It is no accident that all wear an M badge on their rears. The M Division are responsible for producing the halo models in each series with dynamics and styling that raise them well above the rest of their respective ranges. In fact the M badge is a good indicator of collectibility and as you will see in the BMW special Market Update, the older the M car, the more it appreciates in value. The M brand has been diluted over recent years, with the introduction of M performance cars, those that aren’t ‘full fat’ M Power cars that we as petrolheads identify with. The jury is out on whether these will be highly desired when they age.

The first car to feature in this months magazine is what I like to call the German Muscle Car, the E39 M5. Rear wheel drive, 400bhp V8, limited slip diff and 18 inch wheels is a recipe for tail slides and lively performance. The M5 was built on a great base 5-series with well defined styling, as a result it is already a timeless classic. Over recent times, M5s with below 100,000 miles have been selling fast and for large premiums over higher mileage examples. This is a clear indicator that the E39 M5 is destined for greatness.

The second car on our feature list this month is the M6 from the mid 2000s. This car could never be repeated, it is a moment in time. Why? 500bhp, V10, Formula One. Those few details tell all. BMW reworked a shelved Formula 1 engine and put it into the 6-series coupe and 5-series saloon. The engineering that went in to the M6 is simply staggering, even by todays standards of complexity. The M6 isn’t for the faint hearted, but for me it marks the pinnacle of M-Power design and execution.

The third car is the BMW M2, which is a recent addition to the M Power family. It is perfectly styled and has the performance to live up to the looks. It’s small proportions (by modern standards) also make it an agile and lively car on the road. Whilst it is still in production I think it is already earmarked for greatness by many collectors. Buy an M2 now and enjoy one of the M greats for years and years.

Raj Hunjan