Issue Thirty Eight

In This Issue

Ferrari 488 GTB – The 488 GTB takes the mid engined V8 format to the next level with turbo charging and trick technology.
Porsche 959 – Crammed with groundbreaking technology that showcased the future of Porsche.
Caterham Seven Superlight R500 – One of the most involving drives on the road and track. The performance of the R500 is on par with the fastest supercars.
London Classic Car Show 2017 – Get your annual fix of classic and modern exotica in London, this years showcase included a spectacular Ferrari tribute.
Evolution Automotive – What happens when the supercar you buy isn’t enough, if the performance and handling leave you wanting more? Evolution Automotive step in.
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Note from the Editor

This months magazine is genuinely feature packed, with lots of unique content that you’ve come to expect from the publication. The three feature cars are ground breakers that stand out from the crowd.

The Ferrari 488 GTB marks when the Italian manufacturer crossed over in to the future, in my opinion. It was accepted that the manual gearbox and natural aspiration in supercars were no longer in demand and in favour with new buyers. The 488 has proved to be a great success for Ferrari, showing the way of future mid engined V8 supercars for years to come. The aero and styling are cutting edge too. It does sadden me slightly that the 488 GTB is so good, purely because of what it means for many older Ferraris relevance. However on reflection I have come to the conclusion that there is a place for both the analogue and digital supercar.

The Caterham Seven Superlight R500 is not really a car, it is a track weapon. Built from the ground up with everything you would want, plus the performance that would embarrass many exotics on the road too. The extreme nature of the car makes it strictly a dry weekend prospect, but this focussed nature of this and many other Sevens, keeps it popular with driving enthusiasts. Prices of well maintained examples have hovered around the new price for years, and are likely to remain static in the future too. If you are looking for one of the best track cars out there, our feature on the car, written by Nigel, who has owned two, provides invaluable insight.

We really struggled to find an owner of a Porsche 959, it took several weeks of tracking down owners through contacts before we lucked out. Our owner is something of a Group B fanatic, and even though the 959 never competed in the class, it’s development path was ignited because of the rally series. The story makes a fascinating read. I won’t reveal anything from his story but I am sure you will come away after reading it feeling like you know quite a bit more about owning a truly rare and exotic beast.

Raj Hunjan