RWB Akira Nakai San to build in the UK

Words by Raj Hunjan

Akira Nakai San is a legend across the globe for his Porsche 911 based creations. His tuning company, RAUH-Welt BEGRIFF – RWB (which means “rough world concept” in German) is based in a workshop in Japan lined with Stella Artois bottles and memorabilia that has inspired Nakai┬áSan’s builds over the years. RWB 911s are regarded by many as the most extreme road going air cooled Porsche – and it may surprise some that they can also perform on the race track. Nakai San races his own creations at tracks like Tsukuba during the Idlers Games alongside customer cars. His 911 road racer builds are instantly recognisable and adored by fans of all ages.

Two years is how long it took for Profusion Customs father and son owners Jag and Raj Jagdev to persuade Nakai San to secure the first Porsche 964 RWB build on UK soil. Once they got the green light from Japan they set about finding the perfect base car for the project, a Porsche 911 964 Carrera 4 manual in original factory specification. Profusion Customs have also been chosen by Akira Nakai San as the official Partners for RWB in the UK.

RWB UK Royal Build August 2016 Banner Profusion Customs-4

Nakai San is due to land at Heathrow on the morning of Friday August 12. He will be whisked to the Profusion Customs warehouse on the Coln Industrial Estate in Old Bath Road, Colnbrook, to begin work on the car. We’ll be there to document the build for a story that will feature both in the magazine and here on our website in the next few weeks.

RWB UK Royal Build August 2016 Banner Profusion Customs-5

To keep up with build you can visit the RWB UK website, view the Profusion Customs facebook page or see the build unfold live in person from Friday 12th August to Saturday 13th August. Event invite is here.

The completed RWB UK car will be unveiled on the morning of Sunday 14th August at 10am at the Profusion Customs warehouse – all are welcome to attend, the site has a 500 car capacity so get your car polished to bring along for the day!

RWB UK Royal Build August 2016 Banner Profusion Customs-2