Issue Twenty-Six

MotorStars Issue Twenty-Six Front Cover Jaguar F-Type R

In This Issue

Jaguar F-Type R – The new era Jaguar that reinvigorated interest in the marque amongst a younger audience.
Audi TT RS – Sonorous five cylinder turbo engine with warble like Quattro rally cars from the 80‘s.
Nissan Skyline GT-R R34 – History all the way back to 1969 with the original rear wheel drive Skyline GT-R, nicknamed “Hakosuka”.
Lamborghini Centenario – The latest limited edition car from Lamborghini and guess what? It’s already sold out.


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Note from the Editor

This month we’ve picked three quite different cars, the first was responsible for relaunching a great British marque back into the limelight, the F-Type R. This car has brought a new, younger generation into Jaguar ownership. The F-Type R is the car that the previous XK should have been, compact, powerful, beautiful with an incredible soundtrack. The Jaguar F-Type is the modern equivalent of the classic E-Type, which is why we think that in time it will become a collectors choice. Buying one now will result in some depreciation, but I believe it will be less than any car in the price bracket/sector of the same age.

The second car is the Audi TT RS, which like all other RS models is an all-wheel drive, turbo-charged animal. I believe the TT RS is erroneously overlooked by many enthusiasts. The 5 cylinder engine note is very reminiscent of the Audi Quattro rally greats and it also has the performance to keep its bigger brother, the Audi R8 honest. Prices hover at just over £20,000 for an early car and I believe the best will never drop below this level as collectors begin to pick them up. Relatively low production numbers will ensure it is a desirable car so grab one now while few realise their potential.

Our third car is an all time favourite of mine, the Nissan Skyline GT-R R34. This is the last GT-R to bear the famous Skyline name and represents the pinnacle of the twin turbo RB26 engine that powered three generations of Godzilla. I fully admit that this car is Marmite defined, but I urge those that haven’t seen or driven one to keep an open mind. Sure a lot of them are modified, which tends to dissuade many, but this trend is only because the GT-R is capable of so much more than when factory standard. Nissan, like all Japanese automakers agreed to hold back the performance of their cars during the 90’s to prevent a continuous escalation in power (which was seen in German makers over the same period). Even in standard form the R34 Skyline GT-R is an exceptional, dramatic drive. Prices are steadily rising and will continue to do so. This isn’t a just a car for the nostalgic, it still is a formidable track or road partner.

Raj Hunjan