Issue Twenty-Two

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Noble M12 GTO – The British built sportscar that can mix it toe- to-toe with the finest from Porsche and Ferrari.
Maserati GranTurismo – One of the best styled grand tourers in the last few decades with incredible sound track courtesy of a Ferrari derived, naturally aspirated V8.
Honda S2000 – Gem of an engine that can be revved to 9,000rpm with styling that is the perfect balance of aggression and beauty.
Verge of Greatness: BMW M2 – Could this be it? Could the M2 really be the spiritual successor to the E30 M3 and topple the 1M as the closest modern interpretation of the original M Division ethos…? Dion Price explores the latest M Division car.
The Greatest Bond Cars – Whilst James Bond has the leading role in the spy films, the cars have arguably stolen the limelight over the years.
Take 5 VTEC Racing – Adrian Muscat Azzopardi reports back on using a relatively stock Integra Type-R DC5 in Time Attack competitions in Italy.

Note from the Editor

When you consider some of the most valuable cars of all time, how they perform on the road today versus the latest and greatest is pretty irrelevant. The Ford Fiesta ST would run rings around a Mercedes-Benz 300SL Gullwing, but who cares? The desirability of a Gullwing lies partly it’s historical importance and also the feelings it ignites in the heart. Focussing on attributes like this, rather than how much faster a car is round the Nurburgring can lead to identifying some great cars. One such car is the Maserati GranTurismo. Aural pleasure and beauty are just as important as outright performance and track ability. The GranTurismo is much more than a car, it is a lifestyle choice, a statement of good taste. Sure an equivalent 911 may outperform it in many measurable ways, but there is a immeasurable allure to a car from a maker that has been around for over a century.

The latest James Bond film Spectre continues the tradition of featuring an Aston Martin as the transport of choice. This continued ‘special relationship’ works extremely well for all concerned. It creates an air of intrigue, mystery, danger and prestige around any Aston Martin on the road. Owners we’ve spoken to for past features on Aston Martins say that the amount of respect, appreciation and courtesy from other road users is unrivaled, compared to driving other high end sportscars. The latest film is likely to play a part in continued interest in many modern and classic Aston Martin cars.

One of our three feature cars this month is the Honda S2000. You may dismiss it as another hairdresser special – at your peril! The S2000 is a compact, sleek yet aggressive and edgy car. The earlier cars were known for a snappy rear end that would overtake the front on a uneven or wet road in a split second. It is a banzia, rev hungry road racer capable of incredible performance and the modification possibilities are vast. The S2000 makes a great all round ownership prospect, for the collector, racer and B-road blaster.

Raj Hunjan