Lamborghini Alpine Vintage Posters

Lamborghini and Alpine In-Car Audio paired up in the early 80’s and worked closely together for over two decades. Alpine were the choice supplier of audio equipment in all new Lamborghini models, including the Countach and Diablo. In return Alpine used Lamborghini cars in their marketing, both as demo cars and magazine poster subjects. Here is a selection of five iconic posters you may have seen over the years.

The special partnership worked, who could question the quality of Alpine equipment if it was chosen to be fitted centre place in some of the fastest and exciting cars ever? Alpine used a Countach, followed by a Diablo as a company mascot car which featured in Alpine brochures and as the star attractions at trade and public shows. The company’s UK office, Alpine UK had a Giallo Fly Yellow Lamborghini Diablo SE30 Jota with the registration L666 LAM.