Track Toy – Porsche 968 Club Sport

Words by Richard ‘Jackal’ Morris

Magazine Logo 1The 968 Club Sport feels heavy, solid, rudimentary and mechanical. It’s a blunt edged brute with perfect balance as its trump card. When you were a kid, if you imagined how an archetypal ‘sportscar’ would feel, well this is it; rear wheel driven, meaty controls, a firm ride and a long bonnet stretching out in front of you.

When you set off you immediately have a sense of this mechanical mass, a handmade arrangement of metal and cogs and arms and bushes. It’s a very simplistic feel, quite crude in fact. If you are thinking BMW E30 M3 or Lancia Delta Integrale of the same vintage then think again, it has a more rounded feel.

Feature Article One Porsche 968 Clubsport

Where many modern cars lack this physical interface the Club Sport has it in spades. When I drove my car back to back with a Porsche Cayman S, engine aside, it was the older car that was the more engaging, the more visceral and the most personal.

Turning in the Club Sport is so beautifully balanced, the nose goes in and the rear follows in such neutral and natural fashion that the whole bodyshell really does feel bolted to a set of tracks on the road. Mid-corner there is this wonderful sense of perfect weight distribution, an outward centrifugal force that feels completely equal front and rear.

Porsche 968CS (72 of 93)It’s the indestructible old schooler that you get in to enjoy, go sideways in, to banzai when you really are in the mood to exert yourself. Full owners experience can be found in the magazine.

Why buy one?

★Regarded as one of the best handling cars of all time
★High build quality and engineering makes it relatively trouble-free to own
★Very low production numbers ensure collectibility of this track special
★Prices of other Porsche track biased models (911 RS and Club Sports) have risen substantially
★The unique features such as colour coded Recaro bucket seats set the car apart from other 968 models
★Many parts shared with regular 968 model keeps lid on costs

Model History

Full production history of the car can be found in the magazine.

Porsche 968CS (33 of 93)Ideal Specification

Full analysis and advice of the ideal specification can be found in the magazine.

Buying one

Prices vary considerably, from £15,000 to around £30,000 depending on mileage and condition. Low mileage examples are being bought up by collectors fast.  Full valuation details and examples on the market found in the magazine.

Parts Analysis

The 968 is a well built car and this shows in the lifespan of most parts on the car. Track use will wear suspension, drivetrain, steering and brake components quicker than a Club Sport that has only been used on the road, so bear this in mind when buying. The clutch kit is quite expensive so factor this in if the clutch needs refreshing. Full breakdown of prices can be found in the magazine.

Buying Checkpoints

The 3 litre four cylinder engine is extremely durable, it handles high mileage and track use well. The only major issue is around the variocam chain sprockets so ensure there is evidence of a recent inspection or service of the system. The large capacity four cylinder engine tends to sound quite rough on startup, but this sound should disappear quickly. Full breakdown of buyers checkpoints for engine, clutch, gearbox, steering, suspension, brakes, wheels, tyres and servicing schedule can be found in the magazine.

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